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Don’t just save your money—change the world with your bank account and align your money with your values!

When you put your money at the bank, your money is never just sitting in an account. Your money is being invested, and it may not be in things that you agree with. Do you support stripping the rainforests, expanding fossil fuel extraction and removing mountain tops for coal production? These are just some of the ways big banks invest your money into companies that are having negative impacts on people and the planet. At big banks, your money is also being invested into the financial economy — that is the economy that entails buying and selling financial securities, such as stocks, bonds, currencies and derivatives. These investment decisions are not fully transparent.

At New Resource Bank, your money is put to work in the real economy — where goods and services are exchanged — through loans to small businesses and nonprofits that benefit our communities and preserve our planet. We fully disclose where your money spends the night as transparency is one of our core values. Through your savings and money market account you can fund solar power companies, organic food producers, local restaurants serving sustainably-produced food and nonprofits working to education children, preserve the rainforest and empower women. You can learn more about where your money spends the night here.  These accounts also earn interest.

Note: Minimum opening deposit required is $1,000 for all checking and savings accounts, $10,000 for money market accounts, and $25,000 for Impact CDs. See account disclosures for complete terms and conditions.