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Attention cardholders: you will be getting a new debit card with EMV-enhanced (chip) security in the mail. Please activate it and securely destroy your old card as old card will become deactivated. Please contact us with any questions at 415.995.8160 or [email protected].
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  • How to Destroy Your Old ATM Debit Card Securely

    Posted 03.16.2018

       New Resource Bank is issuing new debit cards with EMV-enhanced (chip) security features. If you are a personal cardholder, your new card should have arrived by now.  If you are a business cardholder, your new card

  • Learn More about Amalgamated Bank

    Posted 03.13.2018

    Photo credit: Amalgamated Bank showed their support for Pride NY as well as the Women’s March in NY and DC. We hope by now you have heard the exciting news that we agreed to merge with Amalgamated Bank, which we announced back in December. The deal is slated to close sometime this spring as we are going through

  • Our Client Appreciation Party was a Success!

    Posted 02.15.2018

    What a great event last week — thank you to each and every one of you who came! Each year, we love this event as it’s a chance to bring together our community to have inspiring conversations, see old friends and even make new ones. We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to get to know our client showcasers more and

  • How to Build a Movement to Change the World

    Posted 02.08.2018

    In 1993, David Gottfried had a vision that he wanted change the world, and so he started the U.S. Green Building Council to promote sustainable building. USGBC is the owner of the LEED Green Building Rating System, which is in over 160 countries, and the largest rating system in the world. Next Gottfried founded the World Green Building

  • Top 10 Tips to Secure Financing to Grow Your Food Company

    Posted 01.23.2018

    Photo courtesy of Masienda There are lots of businesses that almost qualify for financing. They’re growing, their financials are improving, and community banks want to lend to them. But they just aren’t quite there yet. At New Resource Bank, we are more than bankers —we are trusted advisros who are there at every step of your journey to

  • The New Solution for Nonprofit Office Space in the Bay Area

    Posted 01.23.2018

    Northern California Community Loan Fund launches The Northern California Community Loan Fund (NCCLF) has announced the debut of a new tool supporting nonprofits as they seek program, administrative, coworking, and event space amidst San Francisco’s escalating commercial real estate market. is a free online platform that allows nonprofits, real estate brokers, landlords, and event venues

  • Here's What Happened When We Took Our Kids to Work

    Posted 12.22.2017

    It’s annual Take Your Child to Work Day at New Resource Bank! Their faces lit up our office. They grabbed a morning hot chocolate before they got to work on crafts. They displayed two of the core values of New Resource Bank: teamwork and community. They worked hard on Christmas cookies and crafts, staying

  • We're Merging with Fellow B Corp Amalgamated Bank

    Posted 12.14.2017

    Learn about the new path forward for New Resource Bank Dear Esteemed Clients, From day one we have sought to build a bank with a big impact on the triple bottom line, with a vision to become a national bank serving all the changemakers who are building a better world – individuals, mission-driven companies and nonprofit organizations. We

  • How One Client is Helping with Hurricane Relief

    Posted 12.05.2017

    Photo Courtesy of MPOWERD MPOWERD’s innovative business model is built on a very simple premise: bringing light to some of the world’s darkest places. In 2012, the B Corp’s founders developed the Luci Light, which is 100% solar, durable, collapsible and waterproof, after a series of natural disasters inspired them to find a way to help. Today, more

  • New Resource Bank Runs 500 Miles for the Amazon

    Posted 11.15.2017

    Teammates Stephanie Meade, Sophana Tann, Laura Ojeda, & Rich Hildebrand ran a total of 121 miles for the win! Last month, New Resource Bank employees ran 500 miles to protect the Amazon! Over 30 employees signed up for a running challenge with a cause with one of our innovative new clients, Atlas Run. Atlas is

  • It's #BankingonValues Day!

    Posted 11.01.2017

    Today is #BankingonValues Day! #BankingonValues Day is one day for like-minded banks around the world belonging to the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) to raise awareness for our type of banking. This type of banking is still relatively unknown to the majority. Each of us has probably had the experience when we tell friends or family