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Attention cardholders: you will be getting a new debit card with EMV-enhanced (chip) security in the mail. Please activate it and securely destroy your old card as old card will become deactivated. Please contact us with any questions at 415.995.8160 or [email protected].

New Resource Bank & Amalgamated Merger (December 15, 2017)

  • Who is Amalgamated Bank? Are they mission-aligned?

    Amalgamated is a 95-year-old bank founded by the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, a union of immigrants.

    Like us, they are a Certified B Corp and a member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values. Their goal is to be the financial institution for the progressive community – those people and organizations working to make the world more just, compassionate and sustainable.

    Today, the bank has grown to a $4.2 billion bank.

  • Why is New Resource Bank merging with Amalgamated?

    The combination of Amalgamated Bank and New Resource Bank presents an opportunity to build a platform for a nationwide, values-based financial institution that can serve the interests of changemakers —  the people, companies and organizations dedicated to creating a better world.  These include mission-aligned businesses, non-profit organizations, trade unions, advocacy groups, and political organizations across the nation, as well as individuals.

    By aggregating the resources of our organizations, we can create a bank that truly serves our community, has a real voice in the nation’s economic discussion, gives back to the causes we believe in, and truly emerges as a go-to financial resource and partner for people and organizations who want to do good for people and the planet.

    Through our merger, Amalgamated will gain the expertise of our sustainability lending and leadership and we will gain the scale of nationwide consumer and commercial products and services as well as lending. We share a synergistic vision to scale our model of impact banking to create a more just, compassionate and sustainable society. Working together, we will be able to achieve this at a faster pace than working alone.

  • You always said you were not a bank that was for sale. So why did you sell?

    I know this news will come as a surprise to many of you, especially our long-time clients and friends. We were not designed with a build, scale and sell model. However, joining forces with Amalgamated aligned so robustly with our vision and mission, and their products and services matched perfectly with what our community has been seeking. We will retain influence on Amalgamated’s strategic vision, as Mark Finser, our current Chairman of the Board and a founding board member, will join their board and our existing board of directors will become a national strategic advisory committee to execute our shared vision.

  • What is Amalgamated’s lending philosophy?

    Throughout its history, Amalgamated has always been a leader in providing support to affordable housing. Today, the company’s lending portfolio includes nearly $1 billion in multifamily loans, almost exclusively lending to projects in low and middle income communities with a special emphasis on CRA-eligible loans. Amalgamated also retains over $600 million of residential loans on its balance sheet, helping working families meet one of their core needs. Amalgamated’s $650 million portfolio of C&I loans includes credits to its core clients in the labor, nonprofit and political sector as well as loans to middle market companies.  One of the things that Amalgamated’s leadership is most looking forward to in a combination with New Resource Bank is to gain the sector expertise in sustainability to help transform its lending portfolio to be more mission aligned. Currently, they do not lend to any companies, projects or people that are working against social, economic or environmental progress.

  • How can I learn more about Amalgamated?

    Amalgamated Bank is a fellow B Corp and Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) member with a long history of supporting workers.

    Amalgamated was New York City’s first labor bank, founded in 1923 by the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America (ACWA). Today, Amalgamated Bank is the largest majority union-owned bank in the United States. Amalgamated is proud to be an advocate for the advancement of workers’ rights, offer products and services designed to support working families, and promote corporate responsibility through shareholder activism.

    Amalgamated has retail branches across four boroughs of New York City and one in Washington, D.C. By merging with New Resource Bank, they are gaining their first San Francisco and Boulder presence.

    General Website:

    Impact Report:

  • How will this transaction benefit me?

    The combined bank will offer an enhanced line for products and services for our clients, such as higher commercial lending limits, expanded business cash management and investment management and trust services. Additionally, it will provide access to a bigger network of progressive people and organizations that have similar beliefs and ideals.

  • Is there anything I need to do now? When will I become an Amalgamated client?

    No, there is nothing you need to do at this time. You can continue to bank as usual, using your New Resource Bank debit card, checks, website, and online banking. You should also continue to make any loan payments as usual. We will notify you in writing well in advance about any changes to your account(s) and services. These deals take time to get completed and to get regulatory approvals.  Once the merger is completed, we will provide updated information about your specific account but even after completion of the deal, it will take us months to convert systems.

  • Who will the bank leadership be?

    Our CEO Vince Siciliano intends to retire following a transition period with the combined company. The CEO of Amalgamated is Keith Mestrich.

  • Will the New Resource Bank Board of Directors remain?

    Mark Finser, who is currently New Resource Bank’s Chairman and a founding board member, will join the Board of Amalgamated. The full New Resource Board will become a national strategic advisory committee for the combined bank to execute our shared vision of a national values-based bank.

  • What happens now? Are you now one company?

    No, not yet. Right now we have just announced our intention to merge. The deal needs regulatory approval which we hope to receive in the coming months, as well as approval by New Resource shareholders.  Our hope is that the deal is finalized in the springtime of 2018.

  • What will happen to your Boulder office?

    We look forward to continuing to grow our presence in Colorado together with Amalgamated.

  • Will my account number or routing number change?

    Your account number or routing number will not change in the short run. When our systems combine in late 2018, there may be changes at that time.  We will notify you in advance so you can properly prepare.

  • What will happen to my deposits, checks, ATM card, bill pay and wires?

    There will be no immediate change in how any of this works.

  • Will there be any new products and services offered?

    Not immediately, but once the deal closes, you will have the opportunity to access Amalgamated’s set of products and services, which are far more expansive than our current product suite.

  • Will your branch close?

    No, our branch in downtown San Francisco will remain open and you can expect the same staff to serve you.

  • Will my bank deposits continue to be covered by FDIC Insurance?

    Yes, the same FDIC laws will apply. Visit for details.

  • I am a New Resource Bank shareholder. Where can I find out more about my stock?

    As a shareholder of New Resource Bancorp you will be sent a proxy statement that will describe the transaction and you will have the opportunity to vote on the merger at a meeting of the shareholders likely during the first quarter of 2018. The proxy statement will contain a detailed description of the merger.

  • When will Amalgamated and New Resource Bank merge as one bank?

    We are targeting the final regulatory approval in spring 2018. We will provide more information to all of our clients about the specifics around integration as that date becomes certain.

  • Will the bank name change to Amalgamated?

    We will be operating as a division of Amalgamated and have no plans to change our name for the time being.

  • Will there be staff reductions?

    It is unclear at this point what the future staffing will look like as Amalgamated wants to first get to know us and how we operate. As soon as we have clarity on this—we are hoping in January—we will be fully transparent about what the future holds for every one of our employees.

  • How can I stay current with any changes that might be happening?

    We will be updating our FAQs on this page with new information as it is available. You will also be contacted with any changes related to your accounts. Please contact us at any time at 415.995.8100 or [email protected].

    We will also be holding a series of webinars for our clients to learn more about the merger and answer your questions. Please check our Events page for details.

  • What should I do if I have additional questions?

    We realize this merger may generate specific questions. For more information, please tune into our webinar December 20 with both CEOs. You can find details on our Events page. You may also contact your Relationship Manager, call us at 415.995.8100 or email us at [email protected].

System Upgrade Support (August 2017)

  • Where can I get an overview of all the system changes and what I need to know?

    Please visit Our System is Getting an Upgrade for everything you need to know and how to prepare or you may download our Conversion Newsletter which was mailed to all clients on July 1, 2017.

    Please visit System Upgrade: Tools & Resources for step-by-step guides for online banking, Quicken, and QuickBooks as well as videos on how to use our new system.

  • Do I need to re-set up any credits (like direct deposit) or debits to my checking account?

    No, all transactions that are currently set up in your account to be automatically credited or debited will automatically rollover and be processed in the new system.

  • How do I login to the new online banking?

    Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to log into your online banking account. You will need to update your password at this time.

    Please visit System Upgrade: Tools & Resources for guides for connecting your Quicken, QuickBooks as well as videos on how to use our new system.

  • Will I able to see my current account history and view check images in the new online banking?

    Yes, your account history and past statements are available in the new Online Banking. Check images will be available to view in the statement directly for past statements. Going forward, you will be able to see check images as they clear your account as well as the ability to see check images for checks that you deposit through online banking.

  • I am a Sub-User on Business Online Banking, how do I login to the new system and will I have the same rights?

    Yes, your access will roll over to the new system with the same rights. Please see the step-by-step instructions on how to log into your online banking account. You will need the business’ Tax ID number for the security code for the first time login: Online Banking Login Instructions

  • How can I use the new mobile app?

    First follow the Online Banking Login Instructions to login to online banking and set up your new password.

    To use the new app:

    • iPhone users’ devices will automatically update to the latest version of the app for users with auto-update activated.To find our app on iTunes, search “New Resource Mobile Banking” or click here.
    • Android users must delete the current version of the app and download the new version from Google Play. To find our app, search “New Resource Bank Computer Services Inc” on Google Play or click here.



  • When will my account statement be available?

    Account statements for deposit accounts for the month of July are available via online banking.

    An additional statement is being cut for August 1 through August 10 which will be available via online banking in the coming week. Because statements are being generated on August 10, interest-bearing accounts will be paid interest for the period between the last interest payment and August 10. Following this one-time scheduling exception, interest-bearing accounts will resume payment on customers’ regular accrual date. Service charges will not be assessed during this interim statement period.

  • What are the changes to bill pay and how should I prepare?

    Bill Pay for individual customers will be unavailable from August 6 at 9:00 p.m. PDT until August 14 at 10:00 a.m. PDT. To ensure timely payment of bills during this time, please schedule applicable payments before system downtime. Payments scheduled to post during system downtime will be processed as scheduled, if scheduled by deadline.

    Bill Pay for business customers will be unavailable from August 10 at 5:00 p.m. PDT until August 14 at 10:00 a.m. PDT. To ensure timely payment of bills during this time, please schedule applicable payments before system downtime. Payments scheduled to post during system downtime will be processed as scheduled, if scheduled by deadline.

    Bill payment history will be available when the new system goes live on August 14. Customers needing access to payment history between August 7 and August 14 are encouraged to download a copy of their records no later than August 6.

    With the exception of e-bill notices for individual account holders, all Bill Pay information, including vendors and scheduled payments, will transfer to the new system. Individual account holders must re-setup e-bill notices following the system upgrade.

  • Will my Quicken or Quickbooks automatically connect?

    No, Quicken and Quickbooks users should download all activity before online banking downtime and you will need to disconnect and reconnect your accounting software in the new online banking.

    QuickBooks Online will also need to reconnect and you may need to reset your login credentials.

    Please visit System Upgrade: Tools & Resources for step-by-step guides for online banking, Quicken, QuickBooks, and QuickBooks Online as well as videos on how to use our new system.

  • Will Mint automatically connect to the new system?

    Yes, all information will be automatically synced as of August 21 for the rollover. If this is not the case, please let us know at [email protected]

  • I use Money Manager, will it be available on the new system?

    No, the Personal Financial Management (PFM) product Money Manager, from Yodlee, will be replaced with a new PFM from Geezeo.

    Please be advised that customer data will not be retained following the system upgrade; please plan accordingly.


  • When can I expect my new debit card?

    New EMV-enhanced (chip) debit cards will be mailed at the beginning of August to customers whose cards are set to expire during this month. Cards will be mailed to all other customers from September to November 2017 based on expiration dates. When you receive your new EMV debit card, please activate it and remember to shred and destroy your old card.

    To learn more about how EMV-enhanced (chip) cards work and why they are more secure, read our recent blog post.

  • I am now seeing a charge for my ATM fees, why is that?

    Following the system upgrade, ATM withdrawal fee rebates will be posted differently. Withdrawal fee rebates will now appear on your account history as a simultaneous debit and credit.

    There are no changes to how many ATM fees are waived so please reference your account type if you have any questions on the number of fee rebates.


  • Where do I find my new loan number?

    New account numbers can be found on your next account statement. You can also call your Relationship Manager or our branch at 415.995.8100. Existing auto payment(s) will automatically transfer to the new loan number.

  • When will I be charged for analysis fees?

    Analysis fees will now be charged on the first business day of the month instead of the fifth business day of the month.

General Banking

  • What is the Bank’s ABA (or Routing) number?

    New Resource Bank’s Routing (also known as ABA) number is 121044369.

  • What number should I call if I’ve lost my debit card?

    Please call 415.995.8160 immediately if your debit card is lost or stolen or through our new Online or Mobile Banking, you can now deactivate your ATM Debit Card with touch of a button. This new security feature will allow you to put an immediate hold on your ATM Debit Card if it becomes lost or stolen through Online Banking or Mobile Banking App. You must still notify us if you card is lost, stolen, or has fraud so we can order you a new card and make sure to confirm transactions.

  • How do I deactivate my debit card through Online or Mobile Banking?

    From Online Banking, go to Card Management at the top right under your name. By unchecking the “on” button, you will automatically shut your card off to protect your account. Additionally if you end up finding your card and you are sure it’s been in a safe spot, you can turn your card back on again and begin using as normal.

    In Mobile Banking, you’ll have the same ability! Just click on Manage Cards and you’ll be able to turn your card “off” or “on” as described above.

  • How do I know what my Debit Card limit is?

    Limits on debit cards are very different than credit cards. Because the debit card transaction is taking funds out of your checking account immediately, we set limits on debit cards to protect your funds and your exposure to fraud. Even though you may have plenty of money in your checking account, you will be limited on how much of that is available by debit card (on PIN based transactions and signature based.) Personal accounts carry a $1,500 per business day limit on Point of Sale transactions and $515 per day for cash withdrawals at ATMs. Business limits vary; you can contact your Relationship Manager for more information.

  • Will my debit card work overseas?

    Yes, your enhanced “chip” debit card will even make it easier for you to make purchases and complete ATM transactions securely when you travel internationally. However, we still recommend you carry an alternate payment method whenever you travel. Please notify us in advance of your travel plans, we can help you to reduce the chances that the transactions you’re doing overseas will be flagged as suspicious.

  • Should I notify the Bank if I will be traveling?

    Yes, there is a form to fill out within online banking to provide us the information that we need. Once logged in just go to Support > Create Support Request > Travel Notice to send us a note with your dates and travel destinations.

    If you do not have online banking access, you can email us at [email protected] or call 415-995-8160.

  • How can I make a deposit to my New Resource account?

    We currently have three ways for you to make a deposit into your New Resource Bank account:

    1. At our branch located at 255 California Street, Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94111
    2. Use your mobile phone. To deposit through your phone using mobile remote deposit capture, click on Deposit Checks from the left menu bar. Then click on Make a deposit and take a picture of the front and back of the check after you have endorsed it “Mobile Deposit Only.” Click Review and make sure to click Accept for the transaction to be processed.
    3. Deposit your check or cash in one of our shared ATM network locations. We are part of the Moneypass and STAR shared deposit programs. You can find a deposit accepting ATM by clicking on the link and searching by your zip code. Please make sure you filter by “deposit taking” for Moneypass and “STAR shared deposit” for our STAR network.
  • What are the Bank’s wiring instructions (for sending money to my New Resource Bank account)?

    Incoming Wire Instructions – Domestic

    Incoming Wire Instructions – International

    Please note that our International Wire Instructions changed effective April 3, 2017.

    If you are accepting an international wire in a foreign currency other than what is listed in the attached instructions, please use US Dollar instructions.



  • How can I setup my loan for automatic payments?

    Send an email to your banking officer or [email protected] and let us know which account (last four digits only) you’d like to debit and we’ll transfer the amount due on the due date until the loan is paid off or you tell us to stop.

  • How can I send the Bank a secure email?

    The best way to do this is through online banking. Once logged into the site, go to Support > Support Center. From the following screen you can create a new message by clicking Create Support Request. On the message screen, you can safely upload an attachment (like a statement) and provide sensitive information. We should respond to your message within 24 hours.

  • What makes New Resource different from most other banks?

    Acting on our credo—“rethink, rebuild, renew”—New Resource Bank seeks to promote and support sustainability in our clients and among our employees. The deposits you make are used to make loans to socially and environmentally responsible organizations who are building a better world. The money deposited in our Impact CDs is used to fund projects for non-profits, organic products, or clean energy.

Online and Mobile Banking

  • How should I contact the bank if I can’t log into online banking?

    Below are answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you can’t find your answer, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or 415.995.8100.

  • How do I get setup for Mobile Banking?

    To begin using mobile banking, you’ll need to enroll in New Resource Bank Online Banking using a computer or browser. Once you’re able to login to online banking, download the app on your mobile device.

    To find our app, search “New Resource Mobile Banking” on iTunes (or click here) or search “New Resource Bank Computer Services Inc” on Google Play (or click here).

    Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, use the same loginID and password you established when you logged in via a browser. There are some additional settings in Mobile such as touchID or Auto-Login and you can set them up by choosing Settings from the menu and then Login Settings.

  • Does the online banking system work with Quicken or Quickbooks?

    Quicken: There are a few methods that Quicken and Quickbooks can work with your bank accounts. We offer two ways to connect your account to Quicken. For both methods you have to be fully enrolled in online banking. The first method Intuit calls “Web Connect”. You would download your account and it will automatically go get the transactions. By setting up your accounts through Express WebConnect, you can also do transfers between your accounts from within Quicken. There are specific instructions on setting up Express WebConnect here.

    Quickbooks: The methods for working with Quickbooks are slightly different. If you are using Quickbooks Online, you can setup Express WebConnect. This will allow you to setup your accounts within the Quickbooks application and it will go to online banking and pull in the transactions. If you’re using a version of Quickbooks that is installed locally on your computer, the only method of interfacing is through Intuit’s WebConnect service. From within online banking, you’ll save a file of transaction history in the specific QBO file format. Then from within Quickbooks, you’ll import that file and Quickbooks will add the transactions to your register. More information can be found here. Unfortunately, what Intuit called “DirectConnect” is no longer available to our Quicken Quickbooks clients.

  • Does the Bank’s online banking system work with Mint?

    Yes, New Resource Bank’s online banking system does work with Mint. However, the system that Mint has created logs into your account as if it were you at your computer. Often times, this schema can have difficulty working with banks’ authentication algorithms and can often lead to locking you out of online banking. Please be aware of this when adding your accounts into a system like Mint that isn’t setup within the Bank’s arena of control. We offer a free personal money management system through our website, Money Manager. This system has been configured to work with New Resource Bank’s online banking system. You can get to it from within Online Banking by clicking on Money Manager under the Accounts section in the left navigation panel.

  • What is “Money Manager”?

    Our “Money Manager” called Geezeo is a free online personal financial management tool, much like Quicken or Mint. It allows you to track all your expense transactions and see where you are spending your money. You can set budgets and monitor your progress. Geezeo will automatically add in your New Resource Bank accounts; and you can add in accounts you have with other banks, investments, mortgages, credit cards even rewards accounts to get a total picture of all your finances.

  • How do I transfer money to or from my account at another institution?

    To be eligible to link, the account at the other financial institution must have the same ownership. To get an external account linked, from within online banking send us a support request detailing the request and attach a photo of a voided check. Once we’ve verified that ownership matches, we’ll establish the link and respond via the online banking messaging system that it’s been completed.

    You cannot use this to pay your rent to your landlord or to transfer money to family members. Those types of payments should be setup within Bill Payment.

  • How can I send money to others?

    To send money to someone like “pop money,” you’ll use Bill Pay. First choose to setup a new payee and then select to pay an “individual.” You’ll enter their name, email address and an “invite answer”. You’ll need to give this “invite answer” to the other person. They will then get an email, and enter that “invite answer” and be prompted to provide their bank’s routing and transit number and account number (from the bottom of a check.) Once that process is complete, you’ll be able to schedule a payment to them anytime.

    There are other services available like SquareCASH, Venmo and Dwolla that allow you to pay other people and you only setup your side — many of them use your debit card info to route the transaction to the right place. They all have their own terms and conditions, and New Resource Bank is not responsible for problems that might occur using one of these systems.

  • Can I link up my son or daughter’s account to mine for transfers?

    This feature isn’t available in the same way on our new online banking platform. In order to transfer money to another New Resource Bank accountholder, or someone outside the bank, you’ll use Bill Pay. Once enrolled in Bill Pay, you can setup a payment to an individual and all you have to provide the system is their email address. They will get an email with a link to fill in their account info which will be linked behind the scenes anytime you want to make a payment to them. Payments to New Resource Bank accountholders should process within 1-2 days, outside accounts will take 2 to 3 days depending on when you submit the request.

  • Can I make my loan payment online?

    Yes, you can make a loan payment online. From the top navigation panel, click on Transfer and then Loan Payment. From the following screen, choose where you want the funds to come from and how you’d like them applied (if applicable) and click Submit. Someone will contact you from the Bank if the transfer can’t be made as you’ve requested. If this Loan Payment screen isn’t there for you, it’s most likely because your loan isn’t linked to your online banking profile. That can be resolved with a quick secure message to the bank requesting your loan be linked.

  • How can I protect myself from online identity theft?

    We have created several pages of valuable information on our website in the Security section. See Online Identity Theft for specific information regarding protecting yourself from identity theft.

  • How do I setup an alert that tells me when my account balance is low?

    Alerts can be setup to notify you when your balance reaches a certain threshold, when online transactions have occurred on your account or when a transaction posts to your account (from outside online banking). To setup alerts, click Settings and then Alerts. From here you can choose from predefined alerts like a security alert that notifies you every time the password has been changed or create your own alert. If you’d like the alert via text message rather than email, you’ll first need to setup your phone to be verified in the system. To setup your phone, click on Settings, Devices and Add a New Device. When you add your phone, a message will be sent to your phone that you’ll have to click on a link to verify it. Once it’s been verified, you can set alerts to be sent via text or email.

  • How do I see more than just my recent transactions?

    The system defaults to the most recent 30 days for checking accounts and 90 days for all other accounts, but additional activity can be pulled by changing the drop down from this month to last month or to a date range. Additionally, you can add other search criteria to narrow down what you’re looking for.

  • How does bill payment work?

    You’ll access bill payment from our online banking. You’ll enroll in Bill Pay by providing a few pieces of information about yourself and then setting up your billing payees. You can setup recurring payments and for some merchants or payees, you can setup e-billing where the bill is sent directly to your Bill Pay account and you can review the statement and pay it all in one place. When you submit a bill payment, the funds will be debited from your account electronically on the date you specify. You can choose to pay an individual and all you need is their email address — they will be responsible for supplying their account information in a safe way that doesn’t get shared with anyone.

  • What should I do if my bill payee didn’t receive payment?

    Unfortunately sometimes this happens. Please contact our Bill Payment support department at Bill Pay Support: 1-844-835-1735 for assistance. They are available Monday-Friday: 5AM – 11PM PT.

  • How do I switch from paper to online statements?

    All new accounts default to online statements. If you’ve notified us that you want paper statements instead, you’ll need to notify us that you want them turned off as well. You can do this by calling 415-995-8160 or send an email to [email protected]