Posted 03.24.2017

Personal Banking with New Resource Bank

How to build a better world with your personal bank account

Photo credit: Elizabeth Stilwell

Thank you for your interest in New Resource Bank and for recognizing that your money can be an agent of positive change!

As a depositor, you help build a better world by banking with us. New Resource Bank puts your money to work for good by lending to organizations that benefit our communities and protect our planet. Through the companies and projects we finance, New Resource Bank fights climate change, supports more sustainable food systems and better health, sustains the vital work of nonprofits, and grows socially and environmentally responsible small businesses that provide jobs with fair wages. Learn more about our model of banking.

Who We Serve

Individuals within California are eligible to open our full suite of personal banking products, which includes checking, savings, money market accounts and Impact CDs. As a one-branch bank in downtown San Francisco, our personal banking services to individuals outside of the state of California are currently limited, however, individuals nationwide can open money market accounts and Impact CDs.

Make the Switch!

Ready to switch to a bank with a mission? Moving your accounts to New Resource Bank is easy with these simple steps:

  1. Choose your account.
    Interest reward checking? Impact CD? Personal Money Market? Decide which account is right for you with an overview of our account types and balance requirements for personal banking.
  2. Open your account.
    Open your account in person at our LEED Gold-certified headquarters in downtown San Francisco or call us at 415.995.8100 to speak to a banker. One of our personal bankers will walk you through the process. You will need to provide a copy of your valid government-issued ID.
  3. Register for online banking.
    Online banking lets you do all your banking electronically and save paper. You can view your account activity, transfer funds between your accounts or to others, and manage your spending through Money Manager.
  4. Switch your direct deposit and automatic payments.
    To arrange direct deposit of your paycheck into your new account, give your employer a voided check from your new account or provide your employer with our ABA/routing number (121044369) and your new account number. To set up automatic payments for bills and other services, review your most recent statement with your old bank and provide each payee listed with your new account information. You can also use the Bill Payment service in online banking to establish automatic payments from your New Resource account.
  5. Use your planet-smart debit card.
    You will receive your ATM/debit card at your home address 7-10 days after opening your account. Every time you use your card for purchases, you generate donations to our Planet-Smart Rewards nonprofit partners – at no cost to you.
  6. Close your old account.
    Verify that all checks have cleared your old account and that all automatic debits and credits have been switched to your new account. Contact your old bank to inform them that you are closing the account (and why!). Have them mail a check for any outstanding balance to you or directly to New Resource Bank for deposit.

Talk to a banker about your needs

Have questions about banking as an individual? Our bankers are happy to answer any questions you may have. Call us at 415.995.8100 or e-mail the branch.

Other Ethical Banking Options

As we grow, we hope to one day serve individuals nationwide. If you are unable to bank with us today, learn more about the following institutions for alternative ethical banking options: