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  • We're Merging with Fellow B Corp Amalgamated Bank

    Posted 12.14.2017

    Learn about the new path forward for New Resource Bank Dear Esteemed Clients, From day one we have sought to build a bank with a big impact on the triple bottom line, with a vision to become a

  • How One Client is Helping with Hurricane Relief

    Posted 12.05.2017

    Photo Courtesy of MPOWERD MPOWERD’s innovative business model is built on a very simple premise: bringing light to some of the world’s darkest places. In 2012, the B Corp’s founders developed the Luci Light, which is 100% solar, durable, collapsible and waterproof, after a series of natural disasters inspired them to find a way to help. Today, more

  • New Resource Bank Runs 500 Miles for the Amazon

    Posted 11.09.2017

    Teammates Stephanie Meade, Sophana Tann, Laura Ojeda, & Rich Hildebrand ran a total of 121 miles for the win! Last month, New Resource Bank employees ran 500 miles to protect the Amazon! Over 30 employees signed up for a running challenge with a cause with one of our innovative new clients, Atlas Run. Atlas is

  • It's #BankingonValues Day!

    Posted 11.01.2017

    Today is #BankingonValues Day! #BankingonValues Day is one day for like-minded banks around the world belonging to the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) to raise awareness for our type of banking. This type of banking is still relatively unknown to the majority. Each of us has probably had the experience when we tell friends or family

  • The Economy of Well-Being: Are You Rooted in the Ego or Eco-based Economy?

    Posted 07.07.2017

    Photo credit: 123rf Reflections from our CEO Would you rather accept $1,000 today or $5 million in 100 years? I frequently ask this question of audiences and the majority respond that they would prefer the money today. Why? $1,000 is useable now, whereas $5 million is a sum that none of us will benefit from in our lifetime;

  • Changing Finance to Finance Change: Reflections from our CEO

    Posted 04.05.2017

    We are in a time of crisis, the symptoms of which can be found the world over. Rampant environmental destruction suffers no financial repercussions. Significant wealth disparities result in the rich becoming richer, while the poor become poorer. Exacerbating these is a common belief that our financial system, defined by raw capitalism and ruled by an omnipotent invisible