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  • The New Solution for Nonprofit Office Space in the Bay Area

    Posted 01.23.2018

    Northern California Community Loan Fund launches The Northern California Community Loan Fund (NCCLF) has announced the debut of a new tool supporting nonprofits as they seek program, administrative, coworking, and event space amidst San Francisco’s escalating commercial

  • Meet the Nonprofit Impact Investing Firm that Finances the World’s Rural Poor

    Posted 07.07.2015

    A woman named Saeedah in Tajikistan used to operate a small street kiosk from which she sold goods. Since receiving a microloan from IMON—one of the country’s largest non-bank financial institutions focusing on the country’s rural poor—Saeedah has expanded her kiosk into a building housing six shops, including a pharmacy, a grocery store, a beauty supply shop, a dentist, a

  • Meet the Real Community Champions

    Posted 03.20.2015

    Back in 2012, San Francisco Conservation Corps (SFCC), an inspiring nonprofit that serves young adults, needed a bank loan to bridge the gap between paying a contractor for their new recycling facility in the Presidio and a state grant they would receive shortly after.

  • New Resource Bank nonprofit event: fundraising strategies for the missing middle

    Posted 10.27.2014

    On September 18, about 40 nonprofit leaders gathered together for a morning workshop hosted by New Resource Bank on “Fundraising Strategies for the Missing Middle.” The event was facilitated by Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies, a philanthropic advisory and nonprofit consulting firm.   Who is the missing middle? Traditionally, these are donors between $1,000 and $10,000. But they are more

  • New Resource makes the Best for the World list

    Posted 03.19.2014

    Everyone at the bank is excited to see New Resource on the third annual “B Corp Best for the World” list.

  • Workshop helps nonprofit leaders align mission with financial reality

    Posted 12.10.2013

    Representatives of 25 nonprofit organizations attended a Dec. 3 finance workshop hosted by New Resource Bank and Nonprofit Finance Fund—and board members, executive directors and CFOs alike came away with valuable insights into how to ensure that their organizations remain sustainable while they pursue their missions.

  • Re:think report: building a sustainable nonprofit with compelling stories and robust online platforms

    Posted 07.05.2013

    How can nonprofits grow and thrive while honoring the desires of donors who want most or all of their money to directly fund programs? By creatively applying private-sector funding approaches to support operations and by using artful storytelling to keep donors engaged, say the leaders of three pioneering nonprofits.

  • How to Build a Sustainable Nonprofit with a Compelling Story and Robust Online Platform

    Posted 05.20.2013

    As traditional sources of nonprofit funding crumble, innovative platforms for attracting donors are rising to replace them. Join us June 4 for the next re:think, where Bartlomiej Jan Skorupa of Groundwork Opportunities, Katherine Woo of Kiva and Pamela Hawley of UniversalGiving will discuss using the art of storytelling to build a movement, creating funding platforms that allow nonprofits to be

  • Nonprofits get star treatment at New Resource

    Posted 07.25.2012

    Nonprofits are used to being low on the list of a bank’s priorities, especially if they aren’t large organizations with multi-million-dollar operating budgets. The experience is just the opposite at New Resource, the bank’s nonprofit clients say.

  • New banking package saves nonprofits money

    Posted 01.13.2010

    New Resource has created a banking package for nonprofit organizations that provides discounts on services that help them bank more efficiently, higher interest rates on deposits, and an opportunity to increase donations.